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Ready to move home?

If you have decided now is the time to move home, we can help you. Many clients think that their existing mortgage lender will be the best place to go, but with over 150 lenders on Connects panel, contact one of our Connect Advisers to ensure you get the very best next mortgage deal for your circumstances. 

Our advisers can:

  • Work out how much you can afford to borrow
  • Search the whole of the market to find competitive deals
  • Recommend which mortgage best fits your needs/circumstances and what it’ll cost
  • Help you with the whole application process
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Struggling to sell?

If you need to move home but are struggling to sell your existing property we may still be able to assist. Many lenders will allow you to let out the property you currently live in and the rental income that is generated will be used to repay the existing mortgage. This is called ‘consent to let’. If you need to raise a deposit for the new property, we may be able to remortgage your property to an official Buy to Let mortgage, which will allow you to keep and rent the property, plus raise the deposit for your new home if you have sufficient equity. 

As an alternative to selling and moving to a bigger home as your family grows, have you thought about a remortgage or a  second charge to capital raise money for an extension?  

Use the contact us button below to get in touch about your home moving options. 

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